The FirstLine Therapy® class series is offered at The Downing Clinic. The program is designed to guide participants to jump-start a healthy lifestyle focused on their desired health goals. FirstLine Therapy (FLT) includes 12 sessions during which participants attend 5 classes which are more frequent initially to help implement the new lifestyle changes. Benefits of FirstLine Therapy. Discounts are available for couples.

The health response to FLT is monitored with Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) testing. BIA measures body composition to ensure positive changes for long term benefits. All classes are taught by Ann Heusted, RN, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Nutritional Consultant.

To Register or for Pricing call: 248-625-6677248-625-6677

2018 First Line Therapy Introduction Session

The FirstLine Theray Coordinator, Ann Heusted, RN, will spend an hour with you individually to review the scope of this 3-month lifestyle skills coaching program designed to support better health and reduce disease risk. Appointments are required. Call 248-625-6677248-625-6677 to schedule.