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The Downing Clinic uses natural healing therapies where possible, helping patients in avoiding use of prescription medications unless necessary. We offer several alternative therapies that are highly effective in treating a number of common conditions. With us, your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs, based on your history and conditions. Our natural healing therapies include acupuncture, electrodermal screening, ion cleanse foot baths, IV therapy and Rolfing. At our clinic you will also find a wide variety of natural supplements and products for purchase.

Boost Your Immune System to Help Prevent Flu and Viruses

We want to remind you that there are natural products and supplements you can take to boost your immune system to prevent cold and flu viruses. Click here to read this one page article.

NEW Medical Grade Probiotic

Dr. Kovalcik is pleased to recommend a new, highly-effective probiotic – Doctor’s Biome. Extensively researched and scientifically-backed data has been used to select the15 strains in this product. These probiotics or “healthy bacteria” compete against a spectrum of harmful bacteria and yeasts and help rebalance the gut and support healthy digestion. A 2-ounce single serving provides an easy daily dose of 27 billion CFUs. To learn more or order – Click here.

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Laura Kovalcik, D.O. FACOI is a board-certified internist and owner of The Downing Clinic. Since 1991, The Downing Clinic has been dedicated to using natural therapies whenever possible, while recognizing the importance of integrative medicine. Founded by Nedra Downing, D.O., our clinic offers alternative therapies as a part of your diagnosis or treatment plan. Our clinic takes a broad view of illness; the goal is always to improve energy, function, and sense of well-being. We adopt a holistic approach to health by ensuring harmony of your mind, body and spirit.

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