The Downing Clinic – Carrot Salad

1 lb 
Carrots (organic) cleaned and sliced
1 small head 
Cauliflower (cleaned) broken into pieces and stems chopped
1 cup 
Peas (fresh or frozen)
1 bunch 
1 cup 
Cashews (raw)
Red bell pepper (chopped)
½ cup 
Frozen orange juice concentrate
½ cup 
Frozen pineapple juice concentrate or, 1 – 7 oz. can crushed pineapple
  1. Wash all vegetables well.
  2. Slice and cut carrots, Cauliflower and scallions and bell pepper.
  3. Lightly steam separately the carrots, cauliflower and fresh peas. If peas are frozen, no need to steam them.
  4. Place all ingredients into a large bow. Gently mix and refrigerate after covering. This will keep for several days.

Servings: 12
Yield: 12 – 1/2 cup servings

Nutrition Facts


Nutrition (per serving): 99.5 calories; 34% calories from fat; 4.1g total fat; 0.0mg cholesterol; 43.6mg sodium; 323.5mg potassium; 14.1g carbohydrates; 2.3g fiber; 9.0g sugar; 11.9g net carbs; 3.0g protein.

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