Denver Murder Victim Tom Hollar Remembered in Book


Dr. Nedra Downing

Author Nedra Downing, a D.O., is announcing the publication of her most recent book, When Tom Went West, which is available at The Downing Clinic in Clarkston, MI and at Tattered Cover bookstores, in Denver, and online via

The book tells the story of her son Tom Hollar, who, along with wife Christina, was accosted by two gang members from a parking lot at 9th Avenue and Corona on July 23, 1993, during what became known as Denver’s “Summer of Violence.” Hollar was killed at the scene, while his wife was abducted and beaten.

The Downing Clinic

“I wanted to honor my son’s memory,” says Downing. “The book chronicles his life in Michigan, his move to Denver when he was 22, his store ‘iMi JiMi’ on 13th Avenue and the resulting trial and conviction of the two perpetrators. Writing poetry helped me express emotions as I lived through these events and those poems are part of the book as are over 100 photos.”

A website for the book is available at