New Patients


Initial Visit

We are a scent-free office. Please read what that means for you and for others in our practice by clicking here


1. Please type your information into the fillable forms at the bottom of this page titled

  • Health Questionnaire
  • Patient Information Form
  • and then save these forms, titled with your name, to your computer. You may also print these forms and fill out by hand.

2. If your appointment is within a few days, email these forms to or print and bring them with you. If your appointment is further out, you may still email, mail, or print and bring them with you.
The other tabs at the bottom of the page contain additional information about our practice and may be read prior to your visit.

For your first physician visit, Dr. Kovalcik typically spends an hour with you and develops a plan for further diagnostic work-up using special laboratory and in-house testing. The plan starts with the basics, and goes from there to many useful tests to gather more information about you related to:

  • Vitamin and Mineral Status
  • Essential Fatty Acid Balance
  • Toxic Mineral Loads
  • Liver Function
  • Natural Hormones
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Intracellular Minerals
  • Anti-Aging Hormones
  • And Other Tests as Needed

The Downing Clinic

Your plan will be tailored to your needs, based on your history and conditions.

Care Plan

Dr. Kovalcik will outline patient instructions at each visit, with recommendations for diet, nutritional supplements, special testing, and detoxification plans, depending upon patient needs. It takes time to start making changes and see improvement. At first, while the information is being gathered, Dr. Kovalcik may need to see you more often. Once a plan is in place, office visits may become less frequent.

The clinic takes a broad view of illness, and the goal is always to improve energy, function, a sense of well-being, while helping to bring harmony to the mind and body, and spirit.