Rolfing® Structural Integration


Rolfing® Structural Integration or Rolfing®SI, is a system of bringing the human body back into proper alignment through education and deep soft tissue manipulation. When the fascia or soft tissue structures of the body are in balance and free to move as they were intended, the force of gravity becomes our friend and no longer weighs down our bones and the rest of our structure.

The Downing Clinic

Rolfing SI uses body analysis combined with slow, gentle, yet firm pressure to coax the fascial layers of the body to release old holding patterns which may have resulted from injuries, stress or simply poor habits. Our soft tissue should have a gentle internal glide, allowing each muscle group to work without pulling unnecessarily on others. Muscles should be able to relax when not actually in use. The system has a reputation for being painful, but what the Rolfer actually does is identify and help release areas in the client´s body where pain hides. By breathing into the area, the client can release the holding pattern with only a feeling of intensity.

The Rolfing SI series creates a change in the body which is still present years later. Pictures of the client pre-Rolfing may show collapse; photos taken after show balance, increased height and many people actually look slimmer. After the initial series, patients may want to come in for a maintenance session once a year or so.
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Kathleen Strauch’s Background

Kathleen Strauch, a Certified Advanced Rolfer® in practice for 23 years, joined our clinic in 2010. She continues to serve clients from her own office on 10 Mile Road in Southfield and also at Creative Wellness in East Lansing.

Kathleen graduated from University of Michigan, Wayne State University Law School, practiced Law for ten years, and then was trained at the Rolf® Institute of Structural Integration and received her certification as a Rolfer in 1987. She completed her advanced training and certification in 1993. She continues as a member of the Rolf Institute, the IASI, and the Guild for Structural Integration. She is a certified Structural Integrator by CBSI. She continues to study body mechanics and techniques in order to best assist any client who comes in for her services.

Kathleen provides Rolfing services on Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment.