Mickey Kellogg – Medical Assistant

Mickey is a very familiar face to all who come to The Downing Clinic. She assists Dr. Kovalcik with patient care by taking vitals and checking patients in and out of the clinic; calling in prescriptions and following up on lab work. Mickey has been with The Downing Clinic since 1996. Prior to working here, she worked in the UP as a registered nurse.

Ann Heusted – RN

Ann joined our staff in 2005. She has worked with hospice; is an ordained minister; has had advanced training in Bach Flower Remedies, homeopathy, nutrition, and is a parish nurse. She is a vocalist, and lectures on public health issues. Her wonderful background and positive attitude are valued by our patients. Ann is our FirstLine Therapy Program Coordinator.

Jing Fei Huang – CAC, OMD Certified Acupuncturist

Jing Fei, CAC, OMD, trained in Shanghai, China where she graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has 30 years’ experience and is a very popular provider at The Downing Clinic. Jing Fei is a skilled professional who has helped many patients with pain and neurological problems; headache, ear, nose, gynecological, respiratory, muscle and other types of problems. Jing Fei has been with The Downing Clinic since 1999.

Kathleen Strauch – Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Kathleen Strauch, a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, is a well-established practitioner, who takes the time to go back for refresher courses and exams to keep her certification. Rolfing® Structural Integration or SI is a technique that helps move the body back into proper alignment. Rolfing can serve to help realign structural relationships of the body with such things as: scoliosis, poor posture, hip imbalance, accidents, repetitive stress injuries, post-surgery, degeneration, stroke and relief for deep pain due to improper alignment of tissues. Rolfing is not the same as massage. Massage works to relax muscles and reduce stress; however, massage and Rolfing work well together. She has helped many people during the many years she has been practicing.

Sharessa – RN

Sharessa is the Downing Clinic’s IV Therapist and a valued member of our health care team. Sharessa is a highly skilled Registered Nurse, who was in conventional nursing for 10 years before joining The Downing Clinic staff in 2005. Sharessa works closely with Dr. Kovalcik to follow orders for IV therapy.

Beverly – RN

Beverly joined our IV Therapy team in 2016. She has worked for over 5 years in a practice performing varicose vein sclerotherapy and is very proficient with IV injections. Beverly lives in the greater Clarkston area and looks forward to working with our patients.

Office Management

Reception Staff

When you call The Downing Clinic, our reception staff will answer your questions and provide guidance on the type of appointment you will need. We have several services available in addition to our physician, Dr. Kovalcik, and this team of experienced staff can identify the various services and their benefits for you along with what new patients will need when meeting with the doctor. They look forward to meeting you by phone and in person when you visit us.  Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

Office Manager/Billing

Karin is our office manager. She also handles courtesy billing. She has been with The Downing Clinic since 2000 and has lots of experience in helping our patients with their insurance needs. She will be happy to answer your questions.

Products and Supplements

Sue manages a wide variety of nutritional products, supplements, homeopathics, natural skin care products, cosmetics, books, and other items that Dr. Kovalcik has researched and believe are the best on the market. She is an important member of The Downing Clinic. She also prepares product information on these products for patients. Accounts payable are also part of her responsibilities.